Rev. Sangwon Hwang

Rev. Sangwon Hwang

December 29, 2021, 12:00 AM

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About this Speaker

Sangwon Hwang (Won Buddhism Department of International Affairs, South Korea/United States) is a Won Buddhist minister who has worked with interfaith groups in the U.S. and Korea to promote peace-building and youth development through education and dialogue. Ms. Hwang holds an MA in Applied Meditation from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies in Philadelphia and an MA in Won Buddhist studies from Won Buddhism Graduate School, South Korea. Ms. Hwang volunteers helping youth and the poor through programs run by the Cambodia Battambang Hospital Center, the Philadelphia Germantown homeless shelter, and Gobong Juvenile Center in Korea. She recently completed the East-West Center’s Asia-Pacific Leadership Program and is now working to develop a new approach for solving sensitive international issues using the principles of harmony

and balance.